Thursday, 17 May 2012

Our first meeting!

The first book of our new reading group is Divergent by Veronica Roth. It is the first book in the Divergent Trilogy and centres around Tris, a sixteen year old girl. Tris lives in a dystopian world in the near future, where society is made up of five 'factions'. Each faction lives by a different set of rules, selflessness, bravery, honesty, knowledge and peace. Now that Tris is sixteen she has to choose which faction she will live in for the rest of her life, and her choice sets in motion a momentous chain of events...

During our meeting we will be talking about the book, our best bits and about the characters. There will be drinks you can buy from Costa Coffee where the group will be meeting. There will also be free cakes and other sweet treats made by the group leader (me!). Although if you love to bake I won't stop you bringing in something to eat too! :)

So keep checking back for more info on our meets. Also on this blog some of the members will be posting their own reviews on YA books as well. There may even be a recipe or two!

See you next post!
Kaylie x

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