Friday, 11 January 2013

Bookclub January 2013

Hi there, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I'd like to start off, as per usual, by saying thank you to all of those who came last night, and a huge thank you to Kim Curran too! :D

Last night we had our first meet of 2013, and what a good one it was! There was loads of chatting, laughing and tweeting! Yes, that's right, Tweeting!  Our book this month was Shift by the awesome Kim Curran. We were joined by Kim via twitter, for a Q&A session throughout our meeting. Here's what we asked her...

 Hello! We are all sitting here and ready! 

Hey! So sorry I can't be with you in person. I just got in from work! But I'm excited to hear your questions. So shoot!  

  What's your day job?

 I'm a copywriter. Which means I write adverts, websites etc. I've done it for 15 years now! 

  How did you think of the idea for Shift?

 It's one of those 'writer' stories you hear where the idea just landed in my head. I was on a bus on my way home...
 ...thinking about all the decisions people make in their lives. And at the same time I was thinking about a book... 
 on quantum physics I'd just read. And BAM! It arrived What if people could change their decisions in that quantum way?

 Would you change anything from your own life?

 I have a few what I think of as 'Sliding door' moments. But when you start to pick at your choices, you realise your ...
 life starts to unravel. Like, I wouldn't have married my OH if I'd gone to a different uni. So no. I'm happy as I am 
 although I did work at one company for about 3 years too long. So maybe that. 

   what can you tell us about the sequel?

 It's called Control. It follows Scott as he tries to work out who is behind the deaths of children of powerful people 
 I play around with the idea of shifting more. And introduce some interesting new shifters who have different powers.
 and I'm most excited about the ending. Which is, I think, a real kicker! 
 Is there anything you guys would like to see in the sequel? 
 we really enjoyed the gory aspects, so more of that would be awesome!
 Noted! Me too. :)

   is there any book that you would recommend to us for one of our monthly books?

 Ooo, you've read 's Heart-Shaped Bruise, right? Maybe 's Pantomime – out soon! Or's City's Son
 Missed  off that last one. Sorry. Ran out of space!

Thank you  for the Q&A with us. We are being kicked out of costa now!
 Thank you! Hope you had a good night and had plenty of cake!
Thanks to the wonderful  and gang for having me (virtually at least) for their Q&A. I'm off to have dinner. 

There were a lot of conversations happening among us all about this brilliant book, so I didn't manage to catch all of what was said. We gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. So it's safe to say that we liked it! We loved the premise of the book, and went on to discuss the possibilities of Shifting and all the small things we would change. Although the idea of waking up to a completely different world is scary!! So maybe we wouldn't change anything! lol.  I'm not going to do a full run down of what was said, because I would only be giving you guys half of it! lol It's hard to do that many things at once! What with all the convo's, and the tweeting, it was taxing on my poor brain ;) You can find a full review of Shift here though. From the sounds of it last night we were all pretty much in agreement, so it should cover most of what was said :)

We have been reading a lot of Dystopian books lately, which is fine in itself, but I want to mix it up abit now and get us reading lots of different genres through this year. So we will be reading all kinds of books this year. I personally don't read horror books, not for any particular reason, it's just worked out that way. I figured that would be a good place to start this year. So our February book is from that genre. Its called The Dogs of Winter, by Bobbie Pyron. It has only been out for a couple of days, and looks to be quite intriguing. I will do a separate post about that as soon as the books have come in. We only had one in stock last night, so I have put in an order for some more. So make sure you keep an eye out, so you know when they have arrived. 

We also had an email from a lovely lady at Walker books, asking if would like to read Hidden Among Us for one of our monthly books. We decided last night that yes, we would!  So that is our March book (14th March) She will be sending us 5/6 copies of the book, so It ill be a names in the hat jobbie to see who will get one. That seems the fairest way to go about it. I already have a copy of the proof so my name won't be going in. So if you wont be able to make it to the Feb meet, but still want your name in the hat, leave a comment or tweet/email me and i'll make sure to add you :)

Well I think that about covers it!

See you next post,

Kaylie :0)  

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