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Tide Blog Tour

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Have I got a treat for you today! It's my turn to host a spot on the Tide blog tour, and for this Daniela Sacerdoti has sent me a character profile for Winter Shaw. I have to say that I've not had a chance to read this book yet, but I am chomping at the bit to get started! Winter sounds like my kind of character and I cant wait to meet her in the pages of Tide. So here you go. Enjoy...

Character Profile of Winter Shaw

“Winter was seventeen. It was the perfect sunny day, and she was on the beach with the seals, sitting among them. They were lying in the sunshine, basking in the light and the fresh wind. Winter was happy and relaxed, and for the first time in her life – the first and last time – she took to her seal form without first making sure that she could not be seen. It was a mistake.”

Winter Shaw came to me as she is – fully-fledged with her own looks, personality and name. She arrived sudden and unplanned, and stole the show!
Half-human, half-Elemental, she’s a creature of the sea and can change into a seal at will. She is, in a way, my own interpretation of the Selkie, the mythical half-woman, half-seal creature of Irish and Scottish folklore. To me, the myth of the Selkie – a woman who must periodically leave her family and return to the sea or she’ll wither and die – represents the physical and emotional need for freedom and creativity.
The character of Winter symbolizes a woman free of convention and in touch with her deepest soul. She’s generous, brave and naturally sunny in nature despite having been through a lot because of the Midnights’ hostility towards her. Her silver-haired beauty is mesmerizing, and she instantly captures the heart of the ever-flirtatious Niall Flynn.
Despite Winter’s breezy and easy-going disposition, she harbours many harrowing secrets. Her strong memories about the Midnights – particularly Morag, James and Stewart Midnight – reveal much about the more sinister side of Sarah’s family, raising questions and answering some of the long-forgotten dark mysteries of the Midnight clan.
All in all, she may have arrived unexpectedly in my story, but Winter has become a very important part of Tide.

Tide is the second book in the series, it follows on from Dreams and is available now, in stores and online. You can find more information and the author, Daniela Sacerdoti here. If you missed the other stops on the tour then follow the links below to get some other character profiles and other guest posts from Dani. 

I'd like to say a huge thank to both Dani and Janne for letting me be a part of this tour, you guys are awesome!! 
If you have any questions, or want to leave a comment, you know what to do ;)

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