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Strange Chemistry Book Launch by Rosie

Bryony Pearce and Kim Curran
Salutations people of the internet,

Now, this post is long overdue, but better late than never, right?

A while ago the book club was lucky enough to be invited to the Strange Chemistry book launch for ‘Control’ and ‘The Weight of Souls’ (which are both fantastic, I assure you) down at Forbidden Planet in London. Not only did we meet the fabulous Kim Curran and Bryony Pearce but we were blessed with some pretty awesome cake and some marvellously munch-tastic cake pops.

The evening kicked off with an introduction from Amanda Rutter, which was really nice and created a brilliant atmosphere for the rest of the night. However, the highlight of the evening for me was hearing the authors read out a chapter or so of their new books.
Kim Curran’s tense and action packed chapter had the audience on edge, which was followed by Bryony Pearce’s expressive and equally edgy introduction to ‘The Weight of Souls’. Afterwards, the signing bega
n alongside some casual feasting and a lengthy browse of the shop (Fangirl levels have never been higher and neither have the shrieks).

Overall, it was an absolutely incredible night filled with fantastic people, brilliant books and tasty treats!

Moving on to the reviews….

First up is ‘Control’ by Kim Curran, the highly anticipated sequel to ‘Shift’, which you can find the review for here.

Scott Tyler is a Shifter, someone with the ability to undo any of the decisions that they’ve ever made. Employed by the secretive government agency ARES that regulates Shifters, Scott and his girlfriend Aubrey are on a mission to track down the last members of Project Ganymede. Their investigation leads them to Frank Anderson, a figure shrouded in mystery and secrets with seemingly no traceable past. As they delve deeper and deeper in order to uncover the truth, Scott realises that he needs to take control of his decisions, before the consequences mean losing the life and the people that he loves.

Quite often I’m disappointed by sequels and only continue because of an innate sense of duty. This is most definitely not the case with ‘Control’. Fast paced with an intricate plot and gripping writing meant that I was hooked from the start. Not only is it a great read, but the philosophical side to the novel really intrigued me and made me think about the reality of a world with Shifters and what having that power would be like. In comparison to ‘Shift’, the characters have really matured and taken on more responsibility, which was an aspect of the book that I really loved. Instead of continuing to make the same old mistakes, they actually learnt from the past while simultaneously managing to maintain that charmingly flawed element. To conclude, I enjoyed ‘Control’ immensely and the ginormous explosion of ‘Oh my God’ factor that Curran dropped at the end of the book has made the wait for ‘Delete’ practically unbearable.

Last but not least is ‘The Weight of Souls’ by Bryony Pearce, an absolutely cracking book that had me up reading until dawn.

Taylor Oh is cursed. If the ghost of a murder victim touches her skin, it leaves a mark that summons the Darkness to wreak revenge on the bearer. She has only a short amount of time to pass each mark on to the killer, so that the ominous Darkness is satisfied. But if Taylor fails to pass on the mark in time, the darkness will come for her instead…. Taylor’s life is already complicated enough, what with juggling exams, trying to hold onto her best friend, persuading her father that the ghosts are real and keeping the Darkness in check, so when Justin, a prize bully from the higher social circles at school, is murdered, matters get complicated. Fast. He has no idea who murdered him and Taylor doesn’t even know where to start. With the Darkness hot on their tails, Taylor must try her hardest to reveal what really happened to Justin….

‘The Weight of Souls’ is one of those books that turn you into a zombie. Responses are limited to one syllable words, sleep is no longer necessary for you to function and your only priority is the next page. Personally, I feel like Bryony Pearce has absolutely nailed the recipe for a fast paced, riveting and absolutely downright fantastic book. The characters were loveable and realistic, the plot was great and my only complaint is that the sequel (Please let there be a sequel) isn’t out fast enough!

Goodbye for now,

Rosie :P

Check out 'Control' and 'The Weight of Souls' on the Waterstones' website.

Title: Control
Author: Kim Curran
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
ISBN: 9781908844156
Rating out of five stars: ****

Title: The Weight of Souls
Author: Bryony Pearce
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
ISBN: 9781908844637
Rating out of five stars: *****

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