Saturday, 16 June 2012

Thank you!!

I would like to start off by saying a huge thank you to all of those who came to the reading group last night.

Thank you!!!

We had a great time talking about all the things we love about YA fiction, in particular this months book Divergent by Veronica Roth.
The group raised some interesting points about the similarities and differences between this book and other YA titles. We all agreed that the way Tris and Fours relationship was portrayed was one of the the things we loved most of all. The way that it grew and developed throughout the story felt authentic and true to life. If you haven't read this book yet then you must stop right now and go and get your self a copy! I promise you that you wont be sorry you did. If you have read it but couldn't make it to our meeting last night why don't you tell us all about it in the comments below. W would love to hear your thoughts on Tris and Four. Or maybe what faction you think you would have chosen.

We also chose our book for next months meeting.....

Here's what our website a to say about this book...

"This is a taut and seriously compelling psychological thriller from a major new YA talent. "There were two things everyone knew about Miranda Vaile before she'd even arrived at our school. The first was that she had no parents - they were dead. And they were dead because Miranda had killed them." Since her breakdown last year, Olive has become the school loner, so she can only watch as new girl Miranda latches on to her old best friend, class queen bee Katie. Soon Miranda is talking like Katie, dressing like Katie - even going out with Katie's boyfriend. And then Katie dies. Olive is convinced Miranda is somehow responsible, but the only person who believes her is Lachlan, the hot boy who won't take the hint that she wants to be left alone. And then Miranda turns her attention on Olive. She makes life so much fun that soon they are best friends. But what price will Olive have to pay for this new friendship? With shock twists, a moving romance and a heart-racing climax, "Shift" will keep you turning the pages furiously."

I haven't read this one yet, but after reading that review I'm looking forward to it!

We are accepting recommendations from members for future books to review  as well so if  you have any suggestions leave us a comment below,  with the title of the book and the authors name and we might add it to our list.

If your a member of the reading group, or would like to be, and you would like to have one of YA book reviews on this  blog then send me a email at

Next month I will be asking our members for a list of their top 5 favourite YA books, so make sure you keep an eye out for that. Also We should have our own bookmarks and members card ready to hand out. That means that members of the Y.A.R.G can get 1/3rd off the RRP of the book club books when they show their card at the till!

I'm off to bed now, but don't forget to follow us on twitter @bluewaterstones Or #YABluewater. You can also find us on facebook.

See you next post!
Kaylie  : )

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  1. I really enjoyed it - there was a nice mix of very friendly people. :)

    My top 5 huh? I'll have to give that one some thought!


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