Sunday, 8 July 2012

Event - Lauren Kate Signing and Competition!

Photo by @RandomPublicist
 I want to start off by saying a huge thank you to everyone involved in yesterdays book signing. Thank you to all the brilliant fans who turned up! You were all so nice! Thank you to the other Waterstones staff who ran the event, Lloyd and Claire. Last but not least a massive thank you to Lauren Kate and her publicist, you guys were awesome, and all the fans had nothing but great things to say about you!

The Fallen Board Game!! Photo by @RandomPublicist
So the signing lasted for two hours, with some die-hard fans turning up three hours before the start! That's dedication! Everyone was so excited to meet Lauren, the atmosphere around the queue was buzzing! It was quite a long queue too, but everyone who waited did get to meet Lauren and get their books signed. There were even a few e-readers signed too!

One fan, the first in the queue, presented Lauren with a Fallen board game that she had made herself! Both Lauren and her publicist were thrilled with it. I have to say, I think they should be making these, it's so cool!!

Everyone we spoke to in the queue were so excited to be there to meet Lauren Kate. I asked Katie Wilkinson, aged 14, to describe Laurens books in three words. She answered Unique, inspirational and mysterious.

Chloe Wallaker said she was inspiring, friendly and open (:

Another girl in the queue was there to say thank you to Lauren for inspiring her to become an author too, and there were even a few 18th birthday celebrations to boot!

I think it's safe to say that everyone had a good time. There was even some music to boogie to, from a fashion show that was happening a few shops over!

Lauren Kate at the signing, Photo by @RandomPublicist

Lauren very kindly signed some extra stock for us after the event yesterday. So if you couldn't make it yesterday, but would like a signed copy of Rapture, then pop into our Bluewater store and keep an eye out for copies with a 'signed by the author' sticker on them.

Lauren, you are welcome back anytime! In fact you would fit in really well on our kids department as they are all blue-eyed, brown-haired, left-handed vegetarians too!!

OK It's competition time!!

All you have to do to win a signed Lauren Kate poster, (which is huge btw!!) is tell us why you love Lauren Kate's books. Either follow this blog and leave a comment here. Or follow us on twitter (@yabluewater ) and tweet us your answer. Simples!!
You have until midnight on Wednesday to get your answers to us. The winner will be announced on Thursday, so make sure you check back then.

See you next post!

Kaylie x


  1. There are sooooo many reason why I Love the Fallen serious but one thing that drew me to them was that they had sooooo much emotion in them. Their full of Love, Lust, Anger, Jealousy, Pain, Loss, Happiness, Hope and sooooo much more! The Characters are so unique and significant that now when someone mentions a 'southern drawl' the first person that pops in to my head is poor Gabbe. The way Lauren has described them is so amazing its almost like they are in my life! When I read them its like I'm living in Sword and Cross! Too many people can be bothered to look in between the lines but this book helps you look between them without even knowing and it helps you see the things that are hidden between lies and smiles. They've changed the way I look at the world and I think that makes them bloody good books! And to think that the woman who's written these books is equally amazing, beautiful and kind-hearted is the best feeling in the world. For me, knowing that the books I've been reading since 2009 are written by someone like Lauren, kind of makes me proud.

  2. I love Lauren Kates books as they made Angels popular. They were unique and different from other angel books. I especially loved how each Angels wings were different! It's a great series!

  3. I love the epic scale of Luce and Daniel's romance. Although... I found myself crushing on Cam more than anyone ;) But most of all, I came to love ALL of Lauren Kate's characters--whether angel, demon, Nephil, or human. Such an awesome cast and such beautiful writing!

  4. How to explain the love of such a wonderful tale?
    Nobody could tear me away, not even the scale.
    Magical, mystical, marvellous it was
    The series itself was heavenly and good,
    But too soon the protagonist was lost in a world of oz,
    Where nothing was what she thought it should.
    The anticipation when each book was out
    Made me jump up to heaven and crash down into Hell,
    And I cannot believe that the story is over, I pout
    Over the thought of there not being anymore, though I dwell
    On the thought, that I can re-enter the world of Daniel and Luce.
    The angels, daemons, nephilim, outcasts and humans
    Will always be there for me, to escape from reality, as an excuse.
    I am grateful for the wonderful author that is Lauren Kate
    Who created a world in which I think is great.

  5. I absolutely adore Lauren Kate's books because ever since i picked it up from my school library in year 7 i have been addicted. The first day i saw it i thought wow i love that book cover and then i read the blurb and it looked so interesting i took it home and started reading it. I read the first chapter which got me really interested and I finished the book in 2 days and im telling you honestly it changed my life forever. I then searched for the next book and i found Lauren Kate’s website. I got hooked onto the series and my family couldn’t believe how committed i was to it. But it wasn't just any old book, it was my book that i had found i could escape too in my imagination, because the book was so beautifully detailed. When i got ‘Torment’ and ‘The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove’ I finished ‘Torment’ in two days and then went on to read 'The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove' which i read in one day. In year 8 i started D.T and my teacher told us we had to make a travel board game but with any theme. I thought about it for about 2 days and that's when it hit me. I could be the first person to make a fallen board game. The book had inspired me so much that i started planning at home, and then at school. I didn't like my first draft of what the board game looked like so i re-did it until i was happy with the design. I then made a box, rules, and counters and made it at the best of my ability. The aim of the game was to go around the board and collect points. When you got to a certain amount of points you won. However as you go around the board game it tells the story of what happens to Luce in 'Fallen'. I am proud of my board game and the next year i kept track of Lauren kate's website's, blogs, Facebook page and also google+, and when she brought out Passion, Fallen in Love and the last book in the series rapture, i counted down the days for each one. Then when she put her tour dates for Rapture up on her website i checked straight away on Google earth which was the closest to my home. The nearest one was---> Saturday 7/5: UNITED KINGDOM!12:00 pm – 2:00 pm at Waterstones –Bluewater, Greenhithe, Kent DA9 turns out it was about an hour away so i ran downstairs with my fingers crossed hoping and wishing my parenst said yes and when they d ii screamed. When the day came, me and my parents got up at 7 and drove to the event. When we got there i asked a man who worked there, where Waterstone's was and he guided me there. No one was even there when i got there and i realised i was first in line to get all my books signed. I was talking about 'The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove' when i realised it was the one book i forgot and was at home. So because i wanted all my books signed by her i rang my parents and asked them to go to Whsmith to buy me the book as the Waterstones had run out of that specific book. My parents bought the book for me and I was so excited. If i had to describe the ‘Fallen’ series, it would be 'Unique, mysterious and Inspirational' as it did inspire me to make a board game. When i met Lauren Kate i got her to sign my kindle, all my books, to take a photo with me and to sign my note pad. When i said bye to her and as i walked away i started to cry with happiness. I was literally blubbering like a baby and because i was so happy my mum started to cry because she had never seen me so happy.I will always love The fallen series as it opened my eyes to a new type of love i never knew could even exist. Lauren Kate is beautifully brilliant and really nice in person and i hope she never stops writing because she hasn’t just inspired me, but everyone who has read her series.

    1. katie wilkinson is the best person in the world :)

  6. i adore Lauren kate's books because when i picked up the book , i loved it i couldn't put it down,it was like you were really having a conversation with the characters and i fond out that in ways i could relate to them.the fallen series opened my eyes to how many ways love could come and that it don't come the way you expected it. Lauren Kate has a beautiful and brilliant mind to write a brilliant books like the fallen series but she hasn't just inspired me,it gave me a whole new way to look at life.

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